You have hit the 36 week milestone; I bet you didn't think you would ever get here! Pregnancy symptoms will start to overwhelm you at this stage, constant tiredness and rushing to the toilet every 30 minutes are no fun! However, try and enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy. Here is what to expect at 36 weeks pregnant.

Your Baby at 36 Weeks

Your baby is continuing to put on weight at around 1 ounce per day. He is now over 18 ½ inches long and almost 6Ibs in weight. He is about the size of a head of romaine lettuce! The downy hair covering will start to shed as well as the vermix caseosa, a wax like substance that protected and covered the skin throughout the pregnancy. Your baby will swallow both of these substances, as well as other secretions which results in his first bowel movements being a dark colored mixture called meconium.

Your doctor will check whether your baby is ready for delivery; they will look to see if the head of your baby is positioned by your cervix. At 36 weeks pregnant your baby should have naturally moved into this position. Don't worry if he hasn't done this, the majority of babies will turn toward the birth canal during the final weeks of pregnancy. However, one in 25 pregnancies turn feet first, also known as 'remain breech' which can result in a C-section.

To confirm whether or not your baby is breech, you will have an ultrasound. If it is determined that it is possible to turn your baby around, there are several ways to do so; your doctor will discuss these with you.

Changes to Your Body at 36 Weeks Pregnant

Leaky Breasts

During the third trimester, many women experience leaky breasts. The fluid is called colostrums, it is thin and yellowish and will provide your baby with the nutrients it needs in its first days of life. Your body will provide colostrums whether you are planning on breast feeding or not.

If you find the leakage uncomfortable, you should wear nursing pads. You should have a good supply of these anyway because the leaking will get worse after delivery. Nursing pads are relatively inexpensive; you can purchase them from most major retailers that stock baby products.


At 36 weeks pregnant your baby might decide to arrive early. At this stage, you should pay attention to contractions. They feel like a cramping or tightening in your uterus, they have been compared to a more severe form of menstrual cramps. Some women experience contractions in their back, during each contraction your stomach will feel hard when your touch it.

Final Thought

You should call your doctor or head to the hospital if you start to feel contractions. At this stage some women experience fluid leakage, vaginal bleeding or severe abdominal pain. Make sure you call your doctor if you experience any of these.

As your baby keeps growing, there is less room for movement. While your baby's movements will slow down you will still feel them. But if you are experiencing less than 10 movements an hour or you have any concerns about the way your baby is moving, contact your healthcare provider as it may be a sign that your baby is in distress.

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